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Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge is a tropical island building and matching game with a colorful, low-poly graphic style. In this game, you will combine different resources in groups of three to create new items. You'll start building your tropical island by completing quests and combining hundreds of items.

How to play Tropical Merge

  • You just need to drag items onto the screen and place them in the empty boxes.
  • You will see items appear randomly on the screen; you can combine them if they are of the same type.
  • When you combine three items of the same type, you will create a new item with a higher value and function.
  • For example, you can combine 3 plants to create a flower, 3 flowers to create a tree, 3 plants to create a house, and so on.
  • Each new item will open up a new area on the island, and you will be able to discover and combine more items.
  • You'll also earn amulets, an in-game currency, to unlock special items and upgrade your island.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to control the game.

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