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Cut The Rope: Experiments

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a fun and engaging puzzle game in which you have to cut the ropes to let candy fall into the mouth of Om Nom, a cute and hungry creature. This game is a sequel to the popular Cut the Rope game and has many more strange inventions for you to explore. You will hear the funny professor's voice as you pass the different levels. Can you help Om Nom eat lots of delicious candies and collect three stars in each level?

Controls Guide

  • Use the mouse to cut the wire. You can cut the wire by dragging the left mouse over the wire. Your goal is to let the candy fall into Om Nom's mouth!
  • Use inventions: You can use inventions like bubbles, hammers, vacuums, or lasers to help the candy move your way. You will have to experiment and figure out how to use them most effectively.

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