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3D Ball Balancer

3D Ball Balancer is a fun 3D ball balancing game where you control a ball rolling on a floating bridge. a challenging game with obstacles like broken bridges, ramps, single bridges, etc. Not only do you have to control the rolling direction of the ball, but you also have to adjust its speed.

Controls Guide

  • Use the navigation buttons to balance and move the ball through 50 challenging levels.
  • Use the right, left, forward, and back buttons to control the ball.
  • Swipe up to jump, adding a new dimension to balancing.
  • Overcome the obstacles and reach the gate of victory.

Tips and tricks

  • Adjust your speed carefully to avoid falling off the bridge when encountering obstacles.
  • Use the jump feature to get over gaps or high obstacles.
  • Observe and plan ahead to determine the best route through obstacles.

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