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Watermelon Game

The Watermelon Game is a simple but addictive puzzle game where you have to combine different fruits to create giant watermelons. You will be given a box containing small fruits, such as cherries, strawberries, grapes, and apples. You must drop these fruits into the box so that they do not overflow. When two identical fruits touch each other, they will merge into a larger fruit in the game's fruit chain. You will get scores when combining fruits, and the higher the score, the bigger the fruit. Your goal is to create the biggest watermelons possible.

Controls Guide

  • You use the mouse to drag and drop the fruits into the box.
  • You can press the shuffle button to change the current fruit.
  • You can press the exchange button to exchange the current fruit with another fruit after watching a video ad.
  • You can press the bomb button to explode any fruit in the box.
  • You can press the undo button to return to the previous step.

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