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Run 3

Run 3 is a running game that offers players exciting experiences. Your task in this game is to take on the role of a little alien and go through a variety of challenging tunnels with the objective of avoiding falling into space.

Run 3 Gameplay

What you need to do in this game is run, jump, and control the aliens through different levels. The goal is to complete the level and collect as many power cells as you can along the way. The power cells gained can be used to unlock new characters and levels. Thus, you feel the progress in the game and try more.

To compare with other games of the same genre, Run 3 comes with some standout features, typically the ability to run on walls and ceilings. This encourages players to use strategic thinking in order to travel through the ever-changing tunnels. Besides, you are also allowed to create your own custom levels and share them with others.

Run 3 Control Guide

The way to control the character in Run 3 is quite simple, just read through the guide below.

  • The needed keys include WASD and four arrow keys.
  • Use the Left Arrow or A to take the alien to the left.
  • Use the Right Arrow key or D to take the alien to the right.
  • Use the Up Arrow key or W to make the alien jump.

Press the corresponding arrow key or key combination to run on walls or ceilings.

Play Run 3 to see how far you can take the alien.

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