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Tunnel Rush

Are you ready to explore the twisting and turning tunnels of Tunnel Rush? You will be overwhelmed by a 3D tunnel where a lot of unexpected traps make you dizzy.

Tunnel Rush Gameplay:

Tunnel Rush is a fast-paced game that challenges you to get over various consecutive obstacles in an endless tunnel. You have to do everything to drive your spaceship over the things that stand in your way and win as many points as you can. The speed will increase more and more as you progress in the game. The challenge will become increasingly difficult, requiring you not to be negligent.

Each decision needs to be made promptly in order to keep your spaceship on track. Precise movements and quick reflexes are key to achieving a high score and progressing further in the game. Don't ignore collectible items for more power and other advantages. 

Tunnel Rush Control Guide:

You need to master the control rules in Tunnel Rush to be able to stay on track and not make mistakes in the game. Follow our guide below.

  • Use the Left Arrow key to move the spaceship to the left.
  • Use the Right Arrow key to move the spaceship to the right.
  • Use the Up Arrow key to move the spaceship upward.
  • Use the Down Arrow key to move the spaceship downward.

Stay focused and anticipate obstacles to go farther in the game. Good luck!

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