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WarioWare: Move It!

WarioWare: Move It! is an adventure with the fat guy Wario and enjoy the joy of the simple stretching movements. In the game, there are 200 small games, and the time is extremely short, taking place quickly in a few seconds to a few dozen seconds. You get all kinds of moves in there: bamboo chopping, prison escapes, curtseys, and a ton of realistically inspired exaggerations, like waving a fleece fan or waddling through a bird parade. penguins, pecking at insects in the soil, or using their eyes to look passionately at the person they secretly love...

Game modes

Story mode: This is a game collection, but WarioWare: Move It! There's also a story mode. You will have to help Wario play all those lightning-fast micrograms to escape the threat of the Woods Watchers.

Party mode: This mode can be played with up to 4 people, making it very suitable for having a fun party all day with friends.

Controls Guide

Use mouse and keyboard to operate in the game.

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