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Merge & Dig!

Merge & Dig is a combined and upgraded gold mining game with a beautiful pixel graphic style. In this game, you will control a character who digs deep into the ground, collecting different minerals, from gold, silver, and diamonds to emeralds and rubies. You will use different types of digging rods, from regular digging rods, metal digging rods, rocket digging rods, to laser digging rods. You will combine digging rods of the same type to upgrade them, increasing efficiency and the ability to dig deeper. You will pass more difficult levels with many different types of rocks and minerals. You will challenge the time, trying to mine as much as possible within the time limit. You'll earn gold coins, unlock new digs, and discover underground secrets.

Controls Guide

  • Use the arrow keys or mouse to move the character, dig into blocks, and collect minerals.
  • Use the spacebar to jump and avoid obstacles.
  • Digging rods appear randomly on the screen; you can drag them onto the character to change the digging rod. Combine two digging rods of the same type to create a new, more powerful digging rod.

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