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Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing is a simple yet engaging and entertaining game that requires you to use a fishing rod to catch diverse fish species and upgrade your fishing rod. The game has beautiful 2D graphics, fun sounds, and relaxing gameplay. You must try to catch different species of fish, from small fish to big fish, from common fish to rare fish. Each fish species has a different money and experience value, depending on size and rarity. You can use the money and experience you earn to upgrade your fishing rod, by going to the Shop menu. You can upgrade factors such as fishing line length, fishing line strength, or fish pulling speed.

Controls Guide

  • Use the mouse to control your fishing rod, click to drop the fishing line into the water, and click continuously to pull the fish up.
  • You must be careful not to run out of line or have the fish bite the line. If you run out of fishing line, you won't be able to catch fish. If a fish bites the fishing line, you will lose one turn.

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