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Hills of Steel

In the action shooting game Hills of Steel, you control a tank and engage in combat in a hilly environment. The enemies waiting for you must be shot down while you race. By collecting things from defeated enemies, you can upgrade your tank with top equipment and unique weapons. During your conflict, you will be able to use newly unlocked robots, machines and tanks. To make your tank more deadly, you can also use powerful triggers like missile attacks, force shields, and mines. Additionally, you and your friends can form or join a clan.

Controls Guide

  • To drive your tank, use the arrow keys or the A, D and E keys.
  • To shoot, use the spacebar. To repair your tank, press B.
  • Many game modes will be available to you, including fighting, arcade, event and adventure games.
  • You will advance in status and rise to the top to become an excellent general.

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