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Shadow Bullet

In the shooting and puzzle game Shadow Bullet, you must use your gun to take out ominous enemies while solving tricky riddles that call for dexterity and skill. You'll feel the thrill and adrenaline of taking out formidable foes and working through challenging puzzles. For fans of the puzzle-shooting genre, this game will provide a tough and captivating gaming experience with its agility and precision-required gameplay.

Controls Guide

  • You can spin the gun left or right by clicking and holding the mouse. To shoot, you made a left-click.
  • Your objective is to eliminate every one of the enigmatic foes in each level while utilizing surrounding objects to solve riddles.
  • Additionally, you must exercise caution because you will lose points if you miss or aim at potentially harmful targets.
  • You also have to move quickly because the game will end if you don't shoot every enemy in the given amount of time.

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