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Five Nights at Shrek's Hotel

If you are a fan of the comedy horror genre, you can try Five Nights at Shrek's Hotel. Five Nights at Shrek's Hotel is a free horror game for Windows in which you rent a room for a few days, only to realize that there's something wrong about the hotel. You will have to spend five terrifying nights at Shrek's hotel, while trying to escape his pursuit. You can find hints about Shrek's true nature, or even cause his death if you pay attention to the details. The game also has many funny scenes and jump scares to startle you.

Controls Guide

You move using the WASD keys or arrow keys and interact with objects using the keys.
You can explore different areas of the hotel, like reception, restrooms, your room, and hallways. You will also meet familiar characters from the Shrek movie, such as Donkey, Fiona, or Gingy.

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