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Raft Life

In the building and survival game Raft Life, players must endure shark attacks, storms, and a shortage of water while stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. The game contains a ton of exploring features, thrilling action, and vibrant 3D graphics. In order to find valuable artifacts or interact with other people, players might explore islands or shipwrecks at sea. Gamers need to take extra caution to prevent the shark from attacking and destroying the raft. The player will have no place to hide and risk being eaten by sharks if the raft sustains too much damage.

Controls Guide

  • To move the character, explore the surroundings, and interact with items, use the mouse.
  • To maneuver the character on the raft, press the W, A, S, and D keys.
  • To enhance the raft, choose tools and materials from the construction menu by pressing the E key.
  • To inspect and utilize the stuff you've gathered, use the Q key to open the inventory.
  • The objective for players is to gather floating resources in the ocean by swimming or using fishing hooks.
  • Should the player's survival index go too low, they will die and will have to restart.

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