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Crazy Cars

The 3D racing game Crazy Cars is set in a bustling environment with intriguing tracks, fun obstacles, and challenging but rewarding tasks. Choose a swift vehicle and accelerate on thrilling ramps, ascend Mount Egg, accelerate to the maximum on racetracks, execute stunts during drag races, and discover a plethora of other enjoyable locations and pursuits. Some obstacle courses have the potential to launch your vehicle across the map! To get your hands on brand-new cars, make sure to gather every star, wrench, and other collectible you come across. You can drive more than 17 different types of cars! With split-screen mode, you can even play against a friend in this game. With Crazy Cars, are you prepared to satisfy your urge for speed?
Explore the map to find engaging activities to engage in.

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Controls Guide

  • WASD (Player 1) or arrow keys (Player 2) are used to steer.
  • Space bar for the brake
  • Stop (ESC)
  • Restart: R

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