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Undertale Yellow

Undertale Yellow allows players to go on an interesting adventure that delves deeply into the rich Undertale universe's lore. The plot of the game centers on the continuous struggle between humanity and monsters, reiterating the well-known motif of being imprisoned beneath a magical barrier. In this section, players assume control of Clover, the seventh person to go under the earth. Equipped with an elusive poster, Clover sets off to Mount Ebott in order to look into the unexplained disappearances of people. Their purposeful descent into the underworld sets the tone for an interesting and captivating journey.


Controls Guide

The arrow keys are for movement, the Z key is for interaction, and the X key opens the menu. That's all there is to playing the game. You can opt to attack, defend, chat, or use items when you come across an enemy in combat mode. Additionally, you have to move your red heart inside a tiny box to avoid hostile strikes. Combat can be ended by destroying opponents or forcing them to surrender.

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