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Scratchin' Melodii

In the creative music game Scratchin' Melodii, you can scratch records to produce your own songs. You will realize the actual cost of skill if you are close to your boyfriend and have assisted him in securing the girl's heart during a musical duel against formidable bosses.

You'll turn into an unfortunate little DJ who got away before the cops could get you this time. They have your every move, capturing the precise moment your lead character is spray-painting amazing murals on the walls. To avoid unpleasant fines, you must immediately plan a fundraiser.

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With the help of scratching records, you can make original music in the innovative music game Scratchin' Melodii. If you are acquainted with your significant other and have assisted him in securing the girl's affection throughout musical competitions against formidable bosses, you will understand the actual cost of brilliance. This time, you'll turn into a poor little DJ who managed to get away before the authorities apprehended you. They are keeping a tight eye on you and manage to capture the precise moment your main character is spray-painting amazing graffiti on the walls. And in order to avoid nasty fines, you now have to plan a fundraising.

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