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Slope Racing 3D

In the incredible video game Slope Racing 3D, your only chance of survival is to jump, drift, and fall through your environment.

This entertaining game will put your reflexes and stamina to the test because it features numerous obstacles. Do you have a fear of heights? Hopefully not, because then you'll just keep falling! Choose the game mode before you begin. You can play in two distinct worlds with two alternate modes! Would you like to push yourself to the limit?

Controls Guide

Using the WASD keys, you must guide a ball through a tube for as long as you can while dodging all obstacles and holes. If you fall and lose, the game will end right away.

As an alternative, try to cover as much ground as you can while gathering extra gems and treats. These can then be used to purchase upgrades, new balls, and other entertaining items to further your game. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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