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Snowball Rush 3D

In the running game Snowball Rush 3D, a stickman must dodge hazards while traveling on wooden tracks in the skies. At the conclusion of the track, the player's objective is to assist in making the stickman's snowball larger in order to collect as many awards as possible and defeat opponents.

The user moves the stickman in a parallel fashion, just like in other comparable runners, to drop more snow and objects like keys and diamonds. Deadly dangers they must also face include falling from gaps between various metal rails, slamming into red brick walls, and tumbling off the edge of the tracks. As the ball gets bigger, the player can easily control the ball over or around these obstacles. This implies that the ball will get smaller each time they run against a barrier when rolling or manipulating it.

The lineman kicks the ball down the track using the multiplier if the player makes it to the last track. The size of the ball determines its distance. The ball will freely travel through enemy groups and concrete walls if it is large enough. The player dies in the event that they fail.

Controls Guide

Holding down the left button while moving the mouse from side to side will move the stickman.

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