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Find The Alien

In the hilarious and action-packed online game Find the Alien, your goal is to locate and eliminate aliens that are dressed like commonplace people and items. These aliens could be traffic signs, cops, neighbors, or even members of your family. To find and destroy these intruders, you will employ an advanced alien scanning gun and an alien firing gun. Take control of an alien spacecraft, exterminate the invaders, and save humanity from the loneliness of space!

Controls Guide

  • To scan and shoot the aliens, click and hold the mouse.
  • After every level, you can gather points to upgrade your guns and unlock new ones.
  • Special weapons can also be combined to provide interesting effects.
  • You will lose points if you allow your pistol to contact the screen's edge, so proceed with caution.
  • Additionally, you must act quickly because the game will end if you let your pistol drop.

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