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Ball Hit

You have to hit every ball in order to continue playing Ball Hit! At every stage, the ball needs to pass through the hoop. If not, the game will be over! If you move that and rotate this, everything will come together. Anyone who appreciates achieving goals will find enjoyment in this game. Click the "play" button to begin the game. Enjoy yourself immensely!

Getting the ball into the basket while dodging the obstacles is all that's left to accomplish! If this sounds good to you, let's get started! Your mouse can be used to play this game. Your objective is to help the ball follow the right course and fall through the hoop at each stage. But remember to keep it in mind! It will become more challenging as you go through the game! You'll face a number of obstacles on your way to the hoop, but don't worry—you can get over them. To alter the path of the ball, click on the obstacles, grab hold of them, and drag them with the mouse. You have a ton of fascinating stages ahead of you! Do you feel up to the task?

Controls Guide

The game is played with the mouse.

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