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Zoo Pinball

With a new edition of the well-liked pinball game, Zoo Pinball is back! This is a popular online pinball game with an animal theme! You know the rules now! Just make sure the pinball stays in the designated play area! Do you think your agility will be sufficient to keep the ball on target? Let's get going and check your level of ability!

Pinball is undoubtedly a game you've played at least once in your life. Perhaps you played all the time when you were younger, or perhaps you never stopped! It doesn't matter; if you're present, we'll play the zoo version today! The fundamental objective of this game is to keep the pinball on the playing field. However, it's not as easy as it looks! To begin, launch the ball with the spacebar pressed, then manipulate the flipper using the arrow keys. You score more points the longer the ball is played! Aim the ball at the fangs of a large tiger, lion, or hippopotamus to keep it on the board! Higher scores are awarded as the ball hits different buttons as it travels through the game area. Although your score is shown at the top of the screen, you shouldn't divert your attention from the ball! If you allow the ball to fall, the game is over! Enjoy yourselves!

Controls Guide

To play this game, use the spacebar and arrow keys.

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