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Tunnel Rush 2

A thrilling online skill game called Tunnel Rush 2 is waiting for you with even more difficult obstacles. Inhale deeply and get going right away! Avoid traps as you make your way through a maze of neon-lit tunnels. Set off on a thrilling adventure through vibrant 3D tunnels, perilous rainbows, and a treasure trove of unanticipated discoveries! You must control your spaceship while rotating the screen in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to prevent collisions with objects that are the same color as your ship. Spaceship: If you disobey, destruction is on your doorstep. To improve your ship, try to gather as many diamonds as you can. As you go through the levels, you'll face more challenging obstacles, so you need to pay attention to what happens. Now let's get going!

Controls Guide

  • Use the A/D or arrow keys to move back and forth.
  • Press the space bar to stop or continue.

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