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Make It Meme

In the humorous game Make It Meme, you can collaborate with friends or other online players to create and score memes. All you have to do is start or join a lobby and wait for other gamers to enter. Each player receives a random meme when the game begins, and they have a certain amount of time to think up a humorous caption for it. After that, each participant gets 15 seconds to rate these memes. In the end, the meme with the most points wins the round. Three game modes are available: relaxed, same-meme, and normal. Select your most proficient mode and let everyone see your humorous side! Remember to download and share your favorite memes with your friends!

Controls Guide

  • To choose a text box and enter your captions, click with the left mouse button or tap with your finger.
  • When it's your turn to cast a vote, select "Meh" to withhold a score, upvote using the red button, and downvote with the blue button.

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