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Love Tester Deluxe

Love Tester Deluxe is a romantic love test game. You may find out if you were meant to be together by just typing your name into the box and then the names of your crushes! There is no truth in the love calculator.

Three additional people may be included in the analysis. Check out your matching skills and tell your friends about the outcome!

In the next and third games, you will need to select you and your friends' birthdays as well as zodiac signs, then tap Love Test for some relevant information about your love life! Play and have fun in Love Test Deluxe!

Controls Guide

The player with two names entered can take the test. In addition to predicting the likelihood of love, this love test will produce a variety of other intriguing measures. The love test machine's buttons allow the user to investigate the chemistry, passion, friendship level, and compatibility of the individuals whose names they have entered.

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