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Hollo Ball

In Hollo Ball, protect your orb from the barrage of impediments meant to prevent you from moving forward. As you maneuver your ball through the intricate game arrangement to cross the finish line, the difficulty increases. In this captivating arcade game, which offers exhilarating gameplay with increasing difficulty levels, put your best reflexes and skills to use.

Controls Guide

The game of Hollo Ball requires timing and accuracy. Control the ball with your mouse or touch screen to move it clear of impending obstacles and blocks. The objective is straightforward but captivating: move the ball safely toward the finish line without running into any obstacles.

Tips and tricks

It takes excellent timing and hand-eye coordination to master Hollo Ball. As the game progresses, the pace will quicken, so stay alert. Watch out for pattern changes in the block array; you can avoid unexpected crashes by being nimble in your adaptation.

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