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Heroball SuperHero

You can roll around the city to avert calamity while dressed as your favorite superhero with Superhero Heroball! In this challenging quest, players can assume the role of hero for a day! Jump over platforms, get gold stars, stay clear of dangers, and reach the finish line to end the objective!

Instead of fighting evil guys and scaling buildings to defend their villages, today's heroes sprint through parkour courses, collect gold stars, and come out on top! Since you are the rising star of the superhero club in your city, it is now your duty to compete in these races and earn stars for your squad.

Controls Guide

  • Players can use the arrow keys to hop and roll.
  • Use the up button to jump across the platforms and gather the stars above.
  • Steer clear of cliffs to keep your hero from plummeting. Keep your feet on the podium first, then concentrate on getting points.
  • Gather all the items required to safely accomplish your objective and get as many points as you can.

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