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DOP: Draw One Part

In the easy and entertaining puzzle game DOP: Draw One Part, your task is to sketch the area that is missing from an image. To identify the missing portion of the image and fill it in, you must use logic and imagination. Simply matching the solution with your shape will suffice; precision is not required. If you run into trouble, you may display the area you need to draw by using the suggestion button. This is a game with a wide range of levels, from beginner to hard, and it might make you chuckle when you complete painting and discover unexpected visuals.

Controls Guide

To play DOP: Draw One Part, you must follow these fundamental steps:

• Examine the image carefully and determine which portion is missing.

• To add the missing portion to the image, drag the left mouse button.

• When you finish drawing the image properly, you advance to the next level. You will forfeit points and have to start over if you draw anything wrong.

• You can see where the missing portion is by using the suggestion button if you're not sure what to draw. Every time you use a hint, you will lose points.

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