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Curve Ball 3D

Curve Ball 3D is a 3D table tennis game with neon graphics. You must control a racket to hit the ball through a tunnel and try to make the opponent unable to return the ball. You can also rotate the racquet to give the ball a curved effect and earn extra points. The game has many different opponents, each with a different speed and ability to return the ball. You have to beat all the opponents to become the Curve Ball 3D champion.

Controls Guide

  • Use the mouse to move the racket left or right. You can also left-click to kick the ball.
  • You need to be agile and precise to hit the ball through the tunnel and avoid letting it fall or hit the wall.
  • Try to maintain high speed and create impressive curved shots to make it difficult for opponents.
  • You can see your score in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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