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Color Tunnel

The Color Tunnel game is inspired by the game Run 3, which has an endless tunnel. Race through colorful, endless tunnels at top speed, avoiding hazards. You need to focus, break the score record, and lead on the leaderboard!

You have to rotate the tunnel to avoid colliding with objects, and try to go as far as possible. The game has many different levels, each with a different color and a different speed. You can challenge yourself with harder levels and see how far you can go. Color Tunnel is a fun and addictive game, suitable for lovers of speed and reflex games.

Controls Guide

To control the Color Tunnel game, you can use the arrow keys or AD key to move left or right and avoid obstacles.

You need to be agile and precise to see the location of the oncoming obstacles and quickly change your position to avoid them. Stay focused and break your record!

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