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Color Brain Test Games

Color Brain Test Games is a fun and challenging puzzle game where you will have to guess the colors of the letters written on the screen. You must choose a color that matches the content of the text, not the color of the text. For example, if the word is "red" but the color is blue, you must choose red, not blue. You have to be quick and quick-eyed, because time is limited. You also have to be careful, because one wrong choice will end the game.

Controls Guide

  • How to play Color Brain Test Games is very simple, you just need to use the mouse to choose colors.
  • You can press the Play button to start the game, the Pause button to pause the game, the Restart button to start from the beginning, the Menu button to return to the main screen, and the Sound button to turn the sound on and off.
  • You must try to choose the correct color as much as possible to increase your score and unlock new levels.

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