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Hydro Racing 3D

Hydro Racing 3D is a 3D boat racing game that gives players the opportunity to participate in high-speed boat races on many different tracks. Players have the option to freely explore the map, this game offers a fun and competitive sailing experience. You can choose to play alone or with friends in 2-player mode, racing to see who reaches the finish line first.


  • The game has many free map activities.
  • The boats in the game are designed to be sturdy and compact, optimizing speed and agility.
  • Using nitrogen fuel can enhance a boat's performance in racing.

Controls Guide

  • Move: Use W, A, S, D or arrow keys to control your boat.
  • Use L-SHIFT or O to activate nitrogen and increase speed.
  • If you encounter problems, use R or I to restart from the last checkpoint.
  • You can change the camera's perspective with C or K.

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