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Stickman Dragon Fight

In the action-fighting game Stickman Dragon Fight, users can take on a variety of powerful heroes and battle evil forces! Fighting evil is never a simple task! You must move quickly, avoid and deflect opponent strikes, charge your ki, and employ three powerful attack techniques that are specific to each hero during the battle! There are three modes in the game:

Story mode: Take off on a grand adventure to explore the world while pursuing your adversaries! You are getting closer to the reality of the world the harder you fight.
Versus mode: You can fight against another team by forming a team with two other heroes. It's time to put your skills and abilities to the test!

Controls Guide

In tournament mode, your squad and 15 other teams will compete for the title of ultimate winner.
Select your heroes, then go to combat!

How is Stickman Dragon Fight played?

  • Transfer: A/D
  • Use the space bar to attack
  • Section: B
  • Sprint: F
  • Z is charged.
  • Unique Ki: Q/W/R
  • Change: S

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