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Color Road

Color Road is a fun and exciting game in which you have to steer a colored ball through a path full of other balls. You must avoid colliding with balls of a different color than yours, or you will lose. You can also pick up balls of the same color as you to increase your score and speed up.
You can enjoy the vivid sound and sharp graphics of the game. You can also compare your score with that of other players on the leaderboard. Do you want to try your hand at Color Road?

Controls Guide

  • Use the mouse or finger to move the ball left or right.
  • You need to carefully observe the color of the balls on the road and choose the appropriate direction.
  • You also need to be agile and flexible to adapt to the pace of the game.
  • You will face challenges from a variety of random and varied paths throughout the game's many levels, from easy to difficult.

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